Cartoon Commission


Price of the artwork varies according to the number of subjects in it.

Have you ever wondered how would you look like if you became a manga character? If your answer is yes, now I can make it possible for you.  How it works: Step 1: Select the style for your commission: Digital or Traditional (Printed)

  • Digital commissions will be sent by mail with the following specifications
    • Size: 3500 x 2480 px
    • Resolution: 300 dpi
    • Format: JPEG
  • Traditional commissions will be printed as follows:
    • CANSON PRO LAYOUT PAPER 18 lb/70 g
    • Size: Width 9 inches / Height 12 inches
    • Shipping costs will be applied

Step 2: Select style and how many people will be on your commission Portraits

  • 1 person = $50
  • 2 persons = $90
  • 3 persons = $130
  • 4 or 5 persons = $170

Full body

  • 1 person = $140
  • 2 persons = $260
  • 1 person + pet = $130

Step 3: Once you have accomplished steps 1 and 2, add the item to the shopping cart and proceed filling your personal and payment information.  You can pay using paypal or any credit card. Step 4: After the purchase has been made, you will receive your receipt and an email where you will have to send the original picture in order for me to make the job. Step 5:  Sketching, it can be changed max 3 times, and will be sent to you for your approval (make sure in this step that there is no change for the sketch before we go to the next step). Step 6: After Sketch is approved, I will go on coloring and finishing (Small /minor change for coloring and/or finishing still can be done in this step). Step 7: Receive your commission. Your commission will be sent by Email  in case of digital or by regular mail in case of traditional.

Cartoon Commission

Fanart Commission

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